Summon fantastic creatures, cast destructive spells, and build towering structures... at a flick of a card!

Ven'rif is a casual fast paced real-time strategy game where you must construct a deck of cards and fight against other players


Develop Unique Playstyle

Ven'rif's is designed for players to construct their deck differently from other players, making the player pool more diversified in terms of playstyle. This new found ecosystem will foster a healthier game cycle for players to thrive in indefinitely.


Looking Casual on the Outside, Sophisticated Gameplay on the Inside

A steep learning curve has always been the deal-breaker for most casual players but Ven'rif has made it possible for a sophisticated gameplay to be so easily learned.


The Vilein team has a deep love for sophisticated games; and found it ridiculous that the majority of the players, the casuals, could not appreciate such games.

So instead of continuing the tradition of gatekeeping players from enjoying the wonders of a deeper, more complicated gameplay, we bring the gameplay to them, to all of us, for both hardcore players and casuals alike.

This is Ven'rif, the first project of Vilein


The contents you see are under development. Vilein has only finalized the gameplay. The graphics/art style, the user interface, the theme, the lore are yet to be established but are already underway.

Early Access Release is set for October 2024.

Final Release is set for March 2025.
The Grand Tournament is set on June 2025.


We are nothing but a passionate group of individuals who want to bring to the world a new class of games. Founded by a game designer, a financier, and a development lead; it is our deepest hope to not just entertain; but to bring about a new change in the gaming industry.